Torrington World Famous Gopher Hole Museum

Traveling in Alberta one may see more than jaw-dropping majestic Rocky Mountains, teeth-chattering glaciers, and most photogenic turquoise lakes. More than 50 stuffed gophers take residence in this little hamlet called Torrington, population under 200. They are cuter than the bear cubs and funnier than Comedy Central. One of them even made it to 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Probably the best entertainment $2 can buy driving through Alberta ($0.50 for children). The unique quirkiness and humour these gophers have to offer makes this a must visit destination on a road trip through Alberta. Check them out and vote for your favourite!


PS. If you are graving for more gopher amusement after all the dioramas in the museum, ask for the Fire Hydrant Gopher Tour. Fire hydrants in Torrington are painted and each tells a interesting story.





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  1. Jessie July 5, 2014 at 6:59 pm #

    This place is just so unique! LOL! I want to go and check it out too!

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