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Custom Godzilla T-Shirt Corset by Betty Galore Couture

I got a custom-made OOAK Godzilla T-shirt Corset!!!  I find that the off-the-rack corsets are all too sexy to be wearing outside and not comfortable at all!  If it’s comfortable, then it’s just a corset lookalike – it has the shape but it’s not the real thing.  So, I decided to get a custom made corset […]

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New Experience – Meditation for Beginners

Cher and I went to a drop-in group meditation class with a couple of other friends on Friday, after work, at 7th Chakra Qigong & Yoga Centre in Calgary. It was a very interesting and uplifting experience. We all have heard that mediation is good for us. Research shows that it lowers blood pressure, decreases […]

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Review: olloclip 4-in-1 lens for iPhone 5s

Santa brought me this little gadget, olloclip 4-in-1 lens for iPhone 5s, for Christmas. It’s now a permanent member in my mobile photography kit. This 4-in-1 lens has: 15x macro lens let you get very close to the object – approx. 12mm focus distance! 10x macro lens gives you about 18mm focus distance fisheye lens […]

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Review: Stila Holiday Essentials – Travel Size Cosmetic Kit

I love travel-size cosmetic!  They are perfect for the small party purses.  So, I bought this little holiday essentials kit at Sephora when I saw it even though I was there to buy presents for others.  Side note: I love gifting myself!    Everyone should gift oneself every once in a while!  It feels great! […]

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Adults Only Nights at Telus Spark – the New Science Centre in Calgary

Did you know that every second Thursday of the month from 6pm to 10pm, Science Centre hosts a special adults only night? It opens late and no kids allowed! Since there’s no kids, they can set up “more dangerous” activities and every month’s program is different! Check out what’s coming up! With no children […]

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Rediscover WOW 2013

We love photography and Rouge – one of Calgary’s finest restaurant!  So, when I got the email about this special event that celebrates the passion for fine photography and luxurious food while supports Canada’s public foundation for women and girls.  We just had to go even if it was on a Thursday night after work. The Worldwide […]

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Cellphone Photo Comparison – iPhone4s iPhone5s Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I really like my iPhone5s camera.  It handles the low-light situations well.  I like its large aperture lense and the burst mode for moving target like my baby nephew and my dogs inside the house.  Its slow-mo video camera is fun too. I think iPhone5s renders the best colour in the low-light situations.  Since we […]

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Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Edition Ikat Hot Pink Indian Rose SS2013

I had been dreaming for a LV Neverfull since Cher got her LV Neverfull MM years ago!  Her Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull had travelled with her to many places and it’s been a very stylish camera bag with the camera bag insert.  I was planning to get one with some customized hot pink lines or maybe even […]

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Fashion Emergency Kit – Keep It Simple

When I read about the Fashion Emergency Kit  post from WhoWhatWhere, I was like – Yup! Totally!  I’ve always kept a “fashion emergency kit” like that in the office.  However, I have a much smaller kit in my little purse on the go. I like to keep it simple! I just have 3 things.  Really, […]

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Balenciaga Classic City, Mini City, Tiny City Keychain

Balenciaga’s City bag is a hand- or shoulder-carry medium-sized bag with a classic shape that goes with everything!  You can dress it up with a pretty LBD or dress it down with worn-out boyfriend jeans. There are 3 sizes now:  Classic City, Mini City and Tiny City. I love my bubble gum pink Balenciaga Classic City!  It’s […]

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