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Torrington World Famous Gopher Hole Museum

Traveling in Alberta one may see more than jaw-dropping majestic Rocky Mountains, teeth-chattering glaciers, and most photogenic turquoise lakes. More than 50 stuffed gophers take residence in this little hamlet called Torrington, population under 200. They are cuter than the bear cubs and funnier than Comedy Central. One of them even made it to 2010 Olympics […]

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Closet Purge with Karina

Jessica and I have known the very beautiful and very talented Karina for a couple of years now. Besides her passion and profession as a personal stylist, a makeup artist and an interior designer in training, she taught me nude is the new black. My closet has been looking so grown up and so versatile. I […]

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Being a Mo Sista in Movember

I witnessed people being very enthusiastic in charity causes. They all seem very rewarded afterwards.  I’ve participated in a few fund raisers this year and they’ve all been fun. However, I can’t say that I feel the sense of reward I’ve observed from my fellow Good Samaritans. Some said it’s because I’ve only been giving […]

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5 Tips We Learned From Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown

Stuffed again! Jessica and I joined lots of Calgarians at Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown 2013. In addition to trying out 11 top chef’s creations in one stop, we went to support sustainable seafood. What a fun experience! What a great way to showcase sustainable ingredients. It sure got people talking and spreading the awareness of […]

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7 Ways to Halloween in Calgary

There is a dark secrete I’ve been keeping in my closet, and it’s coming out today. Ready? Here we go. I turn off my lights and hide in my basement from the trickle treaters on Halloween night. There I said it, feeling much relieved though My friends with kids are probably un-friending me on Facebook right […]

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Enemy Can Be A Blessing

“Rush”? Yes, the movie “Rush”. No romantic comedy for this movie night. I sat down in my D-Box seat decompressing from another work day cluttered with doubts, resistance and frustrations. I sense it’s becoming a common theme during my office hours. To many, I suspect, its not uncommon. They call it “work” after all. Few voices […]

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4 Hours of Fun at Canmore Grassi Lake

Autumn is here! Autumn is here! The leaves are turning colours. I can hear my camera whispering and itching to capture this short yet dramatic season. I packed my new OMD EM5 and Jessica packed her new iPhone 5S. We both had to pull out some sort of sporty shoes deep inside the closet (mine […]

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18 Art Works in 2 Hours

We love to travel! When we can’t get away, we play tourists in our own city. City of Calgary downtown area has so much art and beauty to offer. Have you noticed them while you rush to your office towers and balancing your Starbucks and smart phones? Why not take a walk with your camera […]

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238 People and Vivacova at a Really Really Long Table

Another super fun and happy night! Life is so very good. Thank you City Palate for making this fantastic vision come true! Dinner outdoors in a summer night with live music by The Polyjesters, laughter at the table, attentive service, spontaneous waves of raising glass up and down the really really long table. We thoroughly […]

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Blue Canoe in Banff National Park

Being a Calgarian is such a blessing for having Banff National Park practically at our back yard. Growing up in a concrete jungle, I have to admit the nature scene can be intimidating, especially in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Blue Canoe at Banff National Park gets me up close and personal with the beautiful nature […]

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