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Custom Godzilla T-Shirt Corset by Betty Galore Couture


I got a custom-made OOAK Godzilla T-shirt Corset!!!  I find that the off-the-rack corsets are all too sexy to be wearing outside and not comfortable at all!  If it’s comfortable, then it’s just a corset lookalike – it has the shape but it’s not the real thing.  So, I decided to get a custom made corset because every girly girl should own a corset, right?

When I was researching about custom-made corsets, I came across Betty Galore Couture in Calgary.  This is my first corset, so I want to make sure it’s (reasonably) comfortable and something that I can wear it outside often.  The tomboy in me got very excited to see Betty can make any t-shirt into corset!  I made an appointment with Betty right away.

Betty is an expert in corsetry.  I asked for a corset to be made with a Godzilla t-shirt.  That’s about all the contribution I had towards the design.  She’s super friendly and professional.  She helped me select a style that was suitable for the first-time corset wearer.  I really love this OOAK beautiful corset that she designed and created for me!   She mixed the Japanese pop culture icon Godzilla with a hint of sparkle and Victorian glamour.  Check out the details!  She even picked Godzilla green for inside and under the lace for the modesty panel on the back.   It’s fabulous and FUN!  I’m probably the girliest tomboy.  It’s easy to style this t-shirt corset – I can pair this corset with jeans or dress it up with a long tutu dress.  I have the corset at a pretty comfortable tightness in the pictures above.  It can even go tighter for a more dramatic look.
By the way, there’s a new Godzilla movie coming out on May 16, 2014.  Watch the new Godzilla movie trailer.   It’s pretty exciting!


Closet Purge with Karina

Jessica and I have known the very beautiful and very talented Karina for a couple of years now. Besides her passion and profession as a personal stylist, a makeup artist and an interior designer in training, she taught me nude is the new black. My closet has been looking so grown up and so versatile. I am always amazed how she easily pieces basic items together with style, fun and grace. I got wardrobe inspirations every time we have coffee together.

A recent girls gathering got the three of us talking about what’s important in our lives and what creates happiness for us. Long story short, our first step is to simplify our lives by simplifying our closets. Have you done it? It’s really easier said than done.

For me, as I sifted through my closet, I discovered items I’ve forgotten which made me feel as surprised as the morning of Christmas day. I also found my trophies from sample sale battle fields. How could I let them go? We went through so much together, hair pulling and elbow rubbing, before reaching the cash register. Covered in garment bags were my sentimental outfits. We go way back; all the way back to my 3rd date with my husband, to my ceremony of becoming a Canadian, to my winning the 3 letters of my professional designation, and more. Why do they only fit me 15lbs ago?

Lived and learned. Here are a few thoughts that got me through the emotional roller coaster during the purge:

  1. For those no longer fit
    • By the time I lose those 15lbs, I know I will want to buy a new piece to celebrate.
  2. For those forgotten
    • I didn’t even miss it, and that means I can live without it.
  3. For those not wore in ages 
    • Apparently I like it more off me than on me.
  4. For those confusing
    • I couldn’t make it go with anything I own, obviously it’s not my style.

After hauling bags and bags of clothing to donations, we hope to find new loving homes for a few of our vintage dresses. It’s time to shop our closets, ladies and gentlemen! Here’s a sneak peak before the sale. Look how Karina brought life out of these beautiful pieces.



Review: Stila Holiday Essentials – Travel Size Cosmetic Kit

I love travel-size cosmetic!  They are perfect for the small party purses.  So, I bought this little holiday essentials kit at Sephora when I saw it even though I was there to buy presents for others.  Side note: I love gifting myself!  ;-)  Everyone should gift oneself every once in a while!  It feels great!  Try it!

In this Stila Holiday Essentials Kit, we get 3 things: classic bright red (Beso) liquid lipstick gloss, waterproof black felt-tip pen liquid eyeliner and shimmer nude/beige colour “Kitten” eyeshadow.  It’s perfect for the holiday look – just think… classic cat-eyes and red lips with a LBD!

I bought this kit mainly for the “Kitten” eyeshadow and the waterproof eyeliner.  I normally would not wear bright red lip colour, especially this intense red!  It’s a scary thing to try!  Well… I stepped out of my “comfort zone” and tried it.  What a pleasant surprise!  This red doesn’t seem to make me look like I have jaundice.  ;-)  It’s pretty chic!  I kind of like the bright red for the holidays!

The only thing with this bright red lip gloss is you’d apply it carefully.  It’s not like a nude lip colour that you just glide it on without a mirror.  You need to be more precise with it.  You need to watch where you put it and let it set for a bit before you drink that coffee.

In short, I highly recommend everyone to try this kit.  It’s under $20 at Sephora.


Have you tried this kit?  What do you think?  Is there other makeup kit that you got recently that you like?  Comment below and let us know!


Fashion Emergency Kit – Keep It Simple

When I read about the Fashion Emergency Kit  post from WhoWhatWhere, I was like – Yup! Totally!  I’ve always kept a “fashion emergency kit” like that in the office.  However, I have a much smaller kit in my little purse on the go.

I like to keep it simple! I just have 3 things.  Really, these are all you need in the purse

  1. A fashionable scarf (better than any stain removers)
  2. A couple of mini safety pins (better than a sewing kit)
  3. A pair of earrings (optional)


Why do I keep those 3 things in my kit?

  • Scarf – I do have a mini Tide stain remover pen in my cosmetic bag. However, it doesn’t always do the trick. So, I keep a scarf (either a 90cm x 90cm square one or a long scarf) in my kit. It is to cover up any stain that I may get on my shirt or dress. You can change the scarf  in your kit daily to go with your outfit or pick one that goes with everything.  Bonus: Scarf could warm you up in the chilly summer nights too.
  • Mini safety pins – they are just so much faster than sewing kit for any potentially embarrassing situation while you are out and about.  True story – I broke a spaghetti strap off my LBD as I sat down in the restaurant. Now, can you imagine sewing something when you are in a restaurant? Obviously not! In this case, the mini safety pin saved me! My friend pined the spaghetti strap back to my dress within seconds in public. We continued having a good time! :-)
  •  Tiffany’s pearl stud earrings  (optional) – I loose one earring or one of the back of the earrings more often than I should… So, I need back-up earrings.  If you don’t loose earrings, you can skip this item in your kit.  I keep a pair of classic white pearl stud earrings in my kit because they go with EVERY-thing!  I’ve considered a pair of silver or gold hoop earrings for the emergency kit, but they don’t always go with certain outfit.  On the other hand, classic pear stud earrings go with formal or informal outfit in any colour scheme!  If you don’t know what size of pearl studs to get, there’s a really good discussion about the pearl stud sizes on PurseForum.

For anything else, you should just be able to wait until you get home or back to the office.  Do not over stuff your kit and your small handbag – it’s not pretty!

For a kit that you can leave in the office, you may want to create a bigger kit like WhoWhatWhere suggested or just opt for one of those pre-made and more comprehensive kits.  I really like the Minimergency kits from Pinch Provisions.  They even have a kit for moms and that one has mini play cards and crayons!  That’s just so cool!  If you know any moms with toddlers, you may want to get it as a gift!

Do you have a fashion emergency kit in your purse?  What’s in your kit?  Share your tips and tricks!

Coco and Violet

Overly stuffed with Sunday brunch, we decided to move around and stay active without ruin our makeup. We went to Coco and Violet and played dress-up!

Coco and Violet is one of our favourite women’s boutiques in Calgary. It feels like a giant walk-in closet with contemporary, high-end, ready to wear fashion. Personal styling experience in store is most fun for us. Helen and Cory have such good eyes for putting things together and transformed our personalities in the mirrors. The store space is airy and open, we couldn’t help treating it like our private runway fashion show. We got to walk around, move about, and pose with the beautiful sunlights shining in from the wall of floor to ceiling windows. It was an afternoon well spent. We walked away happily with lots of new timeless pieces that are office appropriate, coffee shop chic and restaurant versatile. Of course, we felt very relaxed and recharged hanging out and catching up with our friends at Coco and Violet.

Keep an eye on their latest items with their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter @cocoandviolet. Try any piece, step out of your comfort zone, and just giggle with the girls at Coco and Violet!

Coco and Violet logo.jpgCoco and Violet fur vest.jpgCoco and Violet fur vest frontjpgCoco and Violet Joie blouse 7 for man kind jeans.jpgCoco and Violet Equipment star shirt.jpgCoco and Violet equipment star shirt 7 for man kind jeans.jpgCoco and Violet.jpgCoco and Violet.jpgCoco and Violet.jpg


Balenciaga Classic City, Mini City, Tiny City Keychain

Balenciaga’s City bag is a hand- or shoulder-carry medium-sized bag with a classic shape that goes with everything!  You can dress it up with a pretty LBD or dress it down with worn-out boyfriend jeans.

There are 3 sizes now:  Classic City, Mini City and Tiny City.

I love my bubble gum pink Balenciaga Classic City!  It’s a great “work horse” – perfect for work or fun after work.

最近正夯的 Mini Balenciaga City 小包 is just so adorable and it’s a perfect size for grab’n go and it still fits all the essentials in it!  It’s a great party bag!

The Tiny City is super cute!  You can put a lip stick, driver’s license and credit card in it.  That is all you need sometimes, don’t you agree?  ;-)

Balenciaga Classic City Bubble Gum.jpgBalenciaga Mini City Orange.jpgBalenciaga Tiny City Yellow.jpg

Size Comparison:

Classic City – hand-carry or shoulder-carry – 15″ x 9.5″ x 5.5″

Mini City – cross-body mini version of the iconic bag the “City” – 9″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″

Tiny City Keychain – 2.5″ x 4″ x 1″ (credit cards can fit in this mini version of the Classic City handbag)

Note: credit cards cannot fit in Tiny First style keychain.



Skull Print Scarves

Are you ready for Autumn?

Besides all the drama from leaves and trees, scarf is probably the highlight of the season for me. I checked our scarf collection in preparation of another beautiful Autumn, and the skull print kept showing up from the pile.

Alexander McQueen has new colors for its skull print collection every season. They are so irresistible, silky smooth and feather weight. The pattern gives me a little edge and attitude for my often conservative and single-colored office attire. This season, the new Alexander McQueen Puma sneaker-boots is whispering: “be more daring”. Alexander McQueen seems to have drawn my attention to more skull themed accessories. I found another skull print scarf from StoneRidge shoes, and a skull bracelet from Links of London.

So, what are you wearing this Autumn?




































































Balenciaga off the runway

Can you tell we are fans?

Besides the buttery leather, the unique colours every season and the variety of hardwares that always keep us guessing; we love how our Belenciaga bags always pump a little edgy attitude to our young professional look. Not just for work, they come in so many sizes and shapes that we’ve got choices for outing, shopping, and even weekend get away.





















Marc Jacob off the runway

Marc Jacob is so distracting to me, an outrageously gorgeous looking  man with impeccable taste and great vision for beauty.

His designs to me has been consistently American, modern and elegant. The simplicity shown through his designs marries so well with long standing luxury brand Louis Vuitton where the quality of the craftsmanship is the focal point. As thoughtful as he has been putting in efforts to bring quality design to wider market, Marc by Marc Jacob has kept the door open for people like me to experience his work.

He left a great impression on me with one of his interviews in his earlier years. He expressed that great quality in the garment makes one feels better; and when one feels better one naturally looks better. So wise and I totally gets it when I put on his creation.













































Anna Sui off the runway

Anna Sui was all the rage in Taiwan during the 90s when her collection was first introduced to Asian market. She still has a steady group of Asian fans all over the world. Because of her popularity in Taiwan, I made it a mission to check out her New York store in Soho years ago on my, guess right, very limited student budget. I learned from my rookie mistake of reading price tags that drained all the blood and oxygen from my brain. Since I wasn’t buying anything, the price tags were left along. I was fully submerged in Anna Sui’s vision conveyed from her Soho store.

photo by


“Purple rocker girl under the fairy spell of butterfly” was my first impression. It was so odd that the overall darker black and purple tone revealed some sense of sweetness. The butterfly decors were familiar yet mythical. I couldn’t decide weather the vibe was good or evil, yet it was obvious to me the clashes were harmonic and balanced. Details, lots of intricate details on the walls and furnitures, and popping all over on most pieces of her collection in store that year.

I love the way she uses colours. It’s rarely a prime colour. It’s often mixed with some others. Just like the blur between good and bad element she has in her designs, I am having some trouble telling between her blue and green. Looking into her collections is like walking toward the light at the end of the tunnel, very mesmerizing. You’ll have to visit her stores to get the full experience. It’ll be worthwhile.

Anna Sui’s official web site shares lots about Anna Sui, yet it lacks merchandise and no shipping to Canada either. Couple years ago, we found Anthropology carrying Anna Sui’s design from time to time. It was a pleasant surprise for her Canadian fans.

New York Fashion Week starts today! Anna Sui’s show is scheduled for 09.12.2012 at 6pm. Check out the new collection live with Erin Wasson or afterwards on the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week channel.



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