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18 Art Works in 2 Hours

We love to travel! When we can’t get away, we play tourists in our own city.

City of Calgary downtown area has so much art and beauty to offer. Have you noticed them while you rush to your office towers and balancing your Starbucks and smart phones? Why not take a walk with your camera and do a little scavenger hunt after work? While everyone is stuck in rush hour traffic, you’ll be having fun “travelling” and rediscovering your home city!

We found a great Downtown Art Guide by City of Calgary and Downtown Calgary as our initial reference. We made our own little map if you want to take the same walk we did. It was short and sweet.

With all the goofing around we did, the walk took us 1.5 hours. You can take your time learning about the art works, interacting with them like we did. Or you can power through it if you have only a lunch break. Lots of coffee shops and restaurants along this walk for you to grab something on the way. Even better, have your date in this wide open art gallery, call in the sunset. Wouldn’t that be romantic!

What a blast we had traveling in our own city. We are definitely going to do another walk to check out the other 38 art works in the Art Guide. Perhaps, we’ll do a night walk to see which ones are lit up all dramatic and theatrical. What do you say?!

transit storymetal horseNouva TwistWeather VanesTribute to Land (Turtle)Between Earth and the SkyTree8 seconds of gloryever evolving humanCalgary clock yellow chairBig DaddyPeter's Co BellBig BrotherSpirited DanceMillenium BeetleBrown Trout RisingFriendshipCow Bench

Fashion Emergency Kit – Keep It Simple

When I read about the Fashion Emergency Kit  post from WhoWhatWhere, I was like – Yup! Totally!  I’ve always kept a “fashion emergency kit” like that in the office.  However, I have a much smaller kit in my little purse on the go.

I like to keep it simple! I just have 3 things.  Really, these are all you need in the purse

  1. A fashionable scarf (better than any stain removers)
  2. A couple of mini safety pins (better than a sewing kit)
  3. A pair of earrings (optional)


Why do I keep those 3 things in my kit?

  • Scarf – I do have a mini Tide stain remover pen in my cosmetic bag. However, it doesn’t always do the trick. So, I keep a scarf (either a 90cm x 90cm square one or a long scarf) in my kit. It is to cover up any stain that I may get on my shirt or dress. You can change the scarf  in your kit daily to go with your outfit or pick one that goes with everything.  Bonus: Scarf could warm you up in the chilly summer nights too.
  • Mini safety pins – they are just so much faster than sewing kit for any potentially embarrassing situation while you are out and about.  True story – I broke a spaghetti strap off my LBD as I sat down in the restaurant. Now, can you imagine sewing something when you are in a restaurant? Obviously not! In this case, the mini safety pin saved me! My friend pined the spaghetti strap back to my dress within seconds in public. We continued having a good time! :-)
  •  Tiffany’s pearl stud earrings  (optional) – I loose one earring or one of the back of the earrings more often than I should… So, I need back-up earrings.  If you don’t loose earrings, you can skip this item in your kit.  I keep a pair of classic white pearl stud earrings in my kit because they go with EVERY-thing!  I’ve considered a pair of silver or gold hoop earrings for the emergency kit, but they don’t always go with certain outfit.  On the other hand, classic pear stud earrings go with formal or informal outfit in any colour scheme!  If you don’t know what size of pearl studs to get, there’s a really good discussion about the pearl stud sizes on PurseForum.

For anything else, you should just be able to wait until you get home or back to the office.  Do not over stuff your kit and your small handbag – it’s not pretty!

For a kit that you can leave in the office, you may want to create a bigger kit like WhoWhatWhere suggested or just opt for one of those pre-made and more comprehensive kits.  I really like the Minimergency kits from Pinch Provisions.  They even have a kit for moms and that one has mini play cards and crayons!  That’s just so cool!  If you know any moms with toddlers, you may want to get it as a gift!

Do you have a fashion emergency kit in your purse?  What’s in your kit?  Share your tips and tricks!

Blue Canoe in Banff National Park

Being a Calgarian is such a blessing for having Banff National Park practically at our back yard. Growing up in a concrete jungle, I have to admit the nature scene can be intimidating, especially in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Blue Canoe at Banff National Park gets me up close and personal with the beautiful nature while keeping me feeling at ease. It’s one of my favourite summer activities when visiting Banff.  Although they offer kayaks, bikes and tours as well, I have always been drawn to taking one of those blue bottomed canoes out in the water myself.

My experience (on video) with the course right off the dock has been very enjoyable every time. The water is as calm as glass with colours varying between blue and green. Most of the course is wide open allowing comfortable maneuver even with oncoming traffic. Part of the course is windy and engaging, my favourite part! The view is to die for! Picture glittering reflection of gentle sunshine while you and your canoe passing through the evergreens reaching overhead, casting a reflection on the turquoise water. I wish I have a pair of google glass now.

Budget for one hour ($36 first hr) to explore the river slowly and casually. Be prepared to step into a dreamy wonderland and some super cute wildlife encounters.


Good Eat: Spanish Restaurant in Miami – Casa Juancho Restaurant

We came here with the local friends.  Casa Juancho Restaurant offers live music = FUN!

Food and sangria were excellent!  The baby eel and roasted pepper appetizers were great!  Seafood paella was delicious!!!  Caramel Custard & Pear poached in red wine sauce wrapped up a perfect day with friends in Miami!


Good Eat Review: Oyster Bar Restaurant inside Grand Central Station NYC

We walked by the Oyster Bar Restaurant inside the Grand Central Station in New York City many times in the past and didn’t get a chance to try it.  This past January when we took Mom to NYC, we took her to the Oyster Bar restaurant for lunch since she loves oyster and seafood!


New menu is printed daily!   他們每日打印新的菜單喔!


Retro upscale diner décor.   餐館裝飾是高檔又復古的風格。

Heavenly lunch with a good price!  We recommend this place for a great seafood lunch!



It’s a great place to dine when you visit NYC.

Bloom! Canine & Orchids Runway Extravaganza at RF Orchids – Southern Florida Tropical Trail

Celebrity Designer, Kiki Hamann’s “Bloom! Canine & Orchids Runway Extravaganza” (click the link to see photos of the event) was hosted at the beautiful RF Orchids in Florida (on April  6, 2013).  It is South Florida’s oldest  and most prestigious orchid farm.  There are many exotic orchids on display in the lush tropical garden.  More beautiful photos on their facebook page –



Note: Escorted walking tours of the private garden at 11am and 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  It’s closed on Mondays.

注:週六和週日的上午11時和下午3時 有私人花園步行遊覽。它週一關閉。




Winery Review – Schnebly Redland’s Winery in Florida

Our dear friend, Celebrity Designer, Kiki Hamann brought us to this paradise-like Schnebly family winery.  It’s the southernmost winery in the United States and it produces the most exotic handcrafted tropical wines, using no grapes!  The winery has beautiful tropical gardens, coral waterfalls and cool tiki huts.

They offer wine tasting daily and tours on weekends.  They even have live music and dancing every Friday nights!  We had a fabulous relaxing time wine tasting in the beautiful garden with our dear friends.  We tried Avocado wine, Starfruit wine, Lychee wine, Mango wine… just to name a few.  Tasting cost is $9.95 USD per person and you can keep the etched Schnebly wine glass :-) We loved all the wines that we sampled and brought home a few bottles!  They also brew exotic fruit beers but we didn’t get to try it.  We’ll go back for sure!  We highly recommend this winery to anyone who is visiting southern Florida.  It’s a great experience!


我們朋友,名設計師,琪琪哈曼,帶我們來了這個世外桃源般的Schnebly家族酒莊。這是在美國最南端的酒莊。 它產生最奇特的,手工製作的,熱帶水果酒,完全沒有用葡萄做的酒!該酒廠擁有美麗的熱帶花園,珊瑚的瀑布和清涼的夏威夷風情木屋。

他們每日提供品酒的服務和週末遊覽。他們甚至每週五晚有現場音樂和舞蹈!我們有一個美妙的下午,與我們的親愛的朋友們在美麗的花園內放鬆品酒。我們試了酪梨酒,楊桃酒,荔枝酒,芒果酒…這只是僅舉幾例。 :-) 我們很喜歡我們品嚐的水果酒,也帶回家了幾瓶!品酒的費用是每人$ 9.95美元,你還可以保留Schnebly酒杯做記念!







Easter Brunch at Habitat Canmore

Yeah! It’s the long weekend and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! My husband and I drove to the Rocky Mountains with our dear friend for a much needed long weekend get away. We kept it schedule free, just wondered around the town of Canmore and soaked up our vitamin D with warm Spring sunshine and mountain fresh air.

Rolling off the bed with the sound of running creek pass 10:30am, we were all hungry. Our local friend suggested we check out this restaurant called Habitat located at Grande Rockies Resort for their Easter Brunch. It’s $25 a head, simple offering with full flavours. Traditional Easter ham was served with amazing fruit compote. Besides the regular brunch buffet items like fresh herb scramble eggs, sausages and bacons, Eggs Benedict, flaky pastry and fresh fruits; Habitat revealed a bit of its famous dinner menu charm with curry cauliflower soup and red wine beef stew that stole my husband’s heart before noon hour.

Brunch doesn’t seem to be a regular routine at Habitat. May be it’s an Easter special. Humorous and attentive service sure made me want to come back and try out their lunch and dinner indulgence.