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Closet Purge with Karina

Jessica and I have known the very beautiful and very talented Karina for a couple of years now. Besides her passion and profession as a personal stylist, a makeup artist and an interior designer in training, she taught me nude is the new black. My closet has been looking so grown up and so versatile. I am always amazed how she easily pieces basic items together with style, fun and grace. I got wardrobe inspirations every time we have coffee together.

A recent girls gathering got the three of us talking about what’s important in our lives and what creates happiness for us. Long story short, our first step is to simplify our lives by simplifying our closets. Have you done it? It’s really easier said than done.

For me, as I sifted through my closet, I discovered items I’ve forgotten which made me feel as surprised as the morning of Christmas day. I also found my trophies from sample sale battle fields. How could I let them go? We went through so much together, hair pulling and elbow rubbing, before reaching the cash register. Covered in garment bags were my sentimental outfits. We go way back; all the way back to my 3rd date with my husband, to my ceremony of becoming a Canadian, to my winning the 3 letters of my professional designation, and more. Why do they only fit me 15lbs ago?

Lived and learned. Here are a few thoughts that got me through the emotional roller coaster during the purge:

  1. For those no longer fit
    • By the time I lose those 15lbs, I know I will want to buy a new piece to celebrate.
  2. For those forgotten
    • I didn’t even miss it, and that means I can live without it.
  3. For those not wore in ages 
    • Apparently I like it more off me than on me.
  4. For those confusing
    • I couldn’t make it go with anything I own, obviously it’s not my style.

After hauling bags and bags of clothing to donations, we hope to find new loving homes for a few of our vintage dresses. It’s time to shop our closets, ladies and gentlemen! Here’s a sneak peak before the sale. Look how Karina brought life out of these beautiful pieces.



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