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Custom Godzilla T-Shirt Corset by Betty Galore Couture


I got a custom-made OOAK Godzilla T-shirt Corset!!!  I find that the off-the-rack corsets are all too sexy to be wearing outside and not comfortable at all!  If it’s comfortable, then it’s just a corset lookalike – it has the shape but it’s not the real thing.  So, I decided to get a custom made corset because every girly girl should own a corset, right?

When I was researching about custom-made corsets, I came across Betty Galore Couture in Calgary.  This is my first corset, so I want to make sure it’s (reasonably) comfortable and something that I can wear it outside often.  The tomboy in me got very excited to see Betty can make any t-shirt into corset!  I made an appointment with Betty right away.

Betty is an expert in corsetry.  I asked for a corset to be made with a Godzilla t-shirt.  That’s about all the contribution I had towards the design.  She’s super friendly and professional.  She helped me select a style that was suitable for the first-time corset wearer.  I really love this OOAK beautiful corset that she designed and created for me!   She mixed the Japanese pop culture icon Godzilla with a hint of sparkle and Victorian glamour.  Check out the details!  She even picked Godzilla green for inside and under the lace for the modesty panel on the back.   It’s fabulous and FUN!  I’m probably the girliest tomboy.  It’s easy to style this t-shirt corset – I can pair this corset with jeans or dress it up with a long tutu dress.  I have the corset at a pretty comfortable tightness in the pictures above.  It can even go tighter for a more dramatic look.
By the way, there’s a new Godzilla movie coming out on May 16, 2014.  Watch the new Godzilla movie trailer.   It’s pretty exciting!


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