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Being a Mo Sista in Movember

I witnessed people being very enthusiastic in charity causes. They all seem very rewarded afterwards.  I’ve participated in a few fund raisers this year and they’ve all been fun. However, I can’t say that I feel the sense of reward I’ve observed from my fellow Good Samaritans. Some said it’s because I’ve only been giving money away instead of “doing” any charity work. I do want the donations to mean something to me personally beyond the fact that it’ll benefit those in need. I also want to feel the sense of reward and contribution more directly. So, this year, I switched gear to focus on “doing” instead of “giving money” by taking the following steps:

Step 1. Identified the person I care about the most.

It’s my husband Tom (not just because he’s reading this blog). I can’t imaging a life without him. Who is it in your life that you can’t live without? Is it your parents, your children, your pet, yourself?

Step 2. Find a fun campaign easily relatable.

Every time when I see Tom’s five o’clock shadow lasting through the weekend, I recall around November every year, there are lots of unshaven men roaming around within my sight. Movember raises funds and awareness for Men’s health (specifically prostate and testicular cancer) by sprouting millions moustaches around the world every year during November. Recently stylish men even adds more class and characters into the movement with trendy shapes and impeccable grooming tricks. I thought I join the men this year in my own way.

Every week I posted an update photo of my sketche-in moustache (see below). I also make an update video with my coworkers on Facebook. We are growing “batman” together. Although I am not sure if I’ve found my cause, I seem to have developed some attachment and emotions to the cause by focusing on “doing” something for the cause. I look forward to the update photo taking and video making, and I even wish we have more Movember months during the year. It’s growing on me.


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