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5 Tips We Learned From Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown

Stuffed again!

Jessica and I joined lots of Calgarians at Ocean Wise Chowder Chowdown 2013. In addition to trying out 11 top chef’s creations in one stop, we went to support sustainable seafood. What a fun experience! What a great way to showcase sustainable ingredients. It sure got people talking and spreading the awareness of a more responsible way of life.

Chowder is such a comfort food especially on a cold day, or 6 months of winter in our case. We learned a few tricks from the pros as we savoured and appreciated the imagination poured into all 11 chowder creations tonight. Ready to spice up your winter?


1. Pork rind is a fantastic substitute for bread or cracker in your chowder.

Tonight’s Chowder created by Chef Paul Mcgeevy of CRAFT Beer Market won the Best Paring with beer. This grey cod, chorizo 7 chicharon chowder was topped with an oversized super crispy pork grind.

2.  Vegetable chips such as kale chips are also brilliant alternative to bread or cracker for your next chowder.

Chef Rebecca House of Thompsons topped her Smoked Salmon Chowder with kale chips and it won tonight’s People’s Choice title. Chef Andrew Keen of Redwater Grill added a splash of colour and texture to his Pacific Oyster & Parsnip Chowder with vegetable chips.

3. Devonshire cream can be used to add richness and flavour to your chowder.

Yes, devonshire cream commonly used with tea scones is proven to perform wonders in Chef Dustin Schafer‘s Smoked Salmon and Candied Scallop Chowder tonight.    He dropped a dollop of devonshire cream mixed with roasted sweet corns in the cup before pouring over steaming hot chowder to complete the serving. I was in heaven.

4. Okra adds body to none cream based chowder.

For those who are lactose intolerant, creamy chowder can be a dangerous craving. Chef Darren Maclean‘s DTF Modern Chowder was the only chowder without cream tonight.  He used okra to add body to his creation. It’s such a surprising and genius modification to a chowder. The bold and memorable flavor won tonight’s Best Chowder!

5. Cheese kills the heat.

There were a few spicy chowders tonight, mostly curry spices. A big cheese station offering generous portion of Asiago, Brie and Goat cheeses was placed half way down the lineup of chowder stations. It sure was a great relief to prepare us in challenging all of the full-flavored chowders tonight.



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Good Eat Review: Brunch at Lougheed House in Calgary

Lougheed House is a historical house full of history.  It’s located in downtown Calgary (on 13 Ave SW between 6 & 7 St).  Most people don’t know that they also have a restaurant there – call “The Restaurant.”  It serves lunch from Wednesday to Sunday (11am to 2pm MT) and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm.  The food is always good.  They use as much local food as possible.  It’s a lovely place for a nice brunch on the weekend with family – they take reservations & it’s kid-friendly.  You can also make reservation to have private function.

Lougheed House是位於卡爾加里市中心(13 AVE SW, 6及7街之間),一家充滿了歷史的建築。大多數人不知道,他們還有一個餐廳 – 供應午餐從週三到週日(上午11時至下午2時MT),週六和週日早午餐從上午10時至下午2時。他們盡可能地使用當地的食材,他們做得食物總是很好吃。春夏時,可欣賞他們著名的花園。 這實在是個和家庭人享受早午餐不錯的地方。

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Good Eat Review: Lazy Monkey in NW Calgary – Taiwanese Casual Food

卡加利的台灣小吃 – 懶猴

Lazy Monkey is a Taiwanese restaurant in NW Calgary.  It’s a small family operated restaurant.  They offer some popular Taiwanese comfort food and a variety of the famous Taiwanese bubble tea drinks.

We visit it pretty often.  :-)

Some of our favourite items:

  • Chicken Thigh with rice
  • Spring noodle soup
  • Dry ribs
  • Taiwanese version of “popcorn chicken”
  • Coconut toast
  • Bubble teas: My hubby’s favourite bubble tea is half sweet Passionfruit Green Tea with pearls (“bubbles”).  Mine is half sweet Lychee black tea with pearls.  If you like dessert flan (like me), then you must try “Pudding Milk Tea” – I usually ask “no sugar” for the milk tea since the pudding is already sweetened.  You can try it “half sweet” for the first time.

排骨飯 Deep Fried Pork Chop with Rice

雞腿飯 Deep Fried Chicken with rice



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Good Eat in Calgary: Q Haute Cuisine

We recently had an amazing dinner experience at Q Haute Cuisine in downtown Calgary!  We will definitely go back for more!  The Chef’s table in the kitchen sounds very interesting – that may be the next thing we try!

If you are a foodie and love some extraordinary culinary surprises, then I’d recommend you to try the Chef’s tasting menu at Q Haute Cuisine with wine pairing.  You can pick the number of courses and how many glasses of wine you prefer.  It’s a great restaurant for a special occasion and for foodies.

Take a look at our delicious 8-course chef’s tasting menu dinner below: (which included a dessert “cooked” with liquid nitrogen by the table side! Super cool!)

dessert cooked with liquid nitrogen

Everything is made and sealed in the kitchen


mini assorted desserts

toasted marshmallow + camomile tea (in the tube below the marshmallow)

Until next time… Cheers!



Like Q Haute on Facebook & Follow Q Haute on Twitter

You can see the menu and book your table on their website – www.qhautecuisine.com

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