About Vivacova

Q: What does Vivacova mean?

A: “Vivacova” is a lifestyle.  “Vivacova” means live life happily!

Q: Who are you?

A: We are two Taiwanese-Canadians living in Calgary, believing happiness is an intentional choice. Besides being busy with our married lives and professional careers, we love to document our fun adventures and positive experiences.  We share lots of photos and videos so we can all relive these moments.

Q: Do you keep this blog as a journal or does this blog have a mission?

A: Both.  We believe happiness is a journey and not a destination.  This blog is to document how we find our own happiness along the way.  We aim to enhance the life of our readers with information on our discoveries, personal reviews, practical life-hack tips and more.

Happiness is to go with the flow – “contentment” – adjust your mindset as needed.  We take our inspiration mostly from our lives in Calgary and the surrounding area, the events we attend, the conversations and complaints we’ve overheard.

We would love to see our readers share their experiences or their turning points in blog comments or posts to our Facebook page. Let’s build a “Vivacova” community with a strong value of happiness.

Q: Do you accept guest bloggers’ submissions?

A: Yes!  If you share the same core value (Happiness) and would like to be our guest blogger, please email us a copy of your original article and photos or link to video (with your name and contact info).  Vivacova(at)Gmail(dot)COM


問:Vivacova 是什麼意思啊?

答:Vivacova 念做:vi – va – co – va。 對我們來說是一種生活方式,快快樂樂的過每一天。


答:我們兩個名叫潔西卡 (Jessica) 和雪兒 (Cher)。從小在台灣出生長大。在加拿大學業完成後就定居了下來,現在都住在卡爾加里市。我們相信快樂是人人個都可以做的一種選擇。平日除了忙著照顧我們各自的老公,和努力在我們各自的專業領域裡工作,我們愛記錄親身參與的各個有趣活動,和正面又新鮮的體驗。在這部落格裡分享的照片和影片讓我們隨時可以重溫這些美好快樂的時刻,也希望讀者們能感同身受,每天和我們一樣特意的選擇快快樂樂的生活態度。






答:當然囉!如果你和我們一樣選擇天天快快樂樂的過,想成為我們散播快樂的成員之ㄧ,請email 您的原創文章以及照片或影片連結,Vivacova(AT)的Gmail(點)COM。別忘了附加您的姓名和聯絡方式喔!